Pay Per Click Internet Marketing Company Review – Clicksor

Clicksor is part of the Pay Per Click Internet Marketing Company and PPC can also be referred to as contextual traffic. The site that probably comes to mind the most is Google AdWords.  Your pretty much paying for traffic that is not organic.This means you can be getting traffic to your site without being listed in the search engines. The best part, you can receive traffic for about $0.05 per click. Compared to paying $ 0.89 a click on AdWords this is Dirt Cheap.

You can get started with Clicksor right away with only $20 deposit!  Keep in mind the deposit can use those funds to start paying for your campaigns right away.  Once you have placed your deposit, you need to figure out what it is you’re wanting to promote.

Clicksor provides a variety of ad formats suited for viewing both on PCs and range of mobile devices. The traditional banner stays in a fixed place on the page; it is available in the following size:

Full Banner (468 x 60 pixel)
Leaderboard (728 x 90 pixel)
Skyscraper (120 x 600 pixel)
Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600 pixel)
Button (125 x 125 pixel)
Vertical Banner (120 x 240 pixel)
Medium Rectangle (300 x 250 pixel)
Square Box (250 x 250 pixel)
Large Rectangle (336 x 280 pixel)
Small Rectangle (180 x 150 pixel)
Mobile X-Large Banner (300 x 50 pixel)
Mobile Standard Banner (320 x 50 pixel)
Mobile Large Banner (216 x 36 pixel)
Mobile Medium Banner (168 x 28 pixel)
Mobile Small Banner (120 x 20 pixel)
News Banner (390 x 95 pixel)

Mobile versions of the ads as well as ads designed for mobile are available.

In-app ads are especially promising, as a majority people use smartphones as their main internet and media consumption device. With the mobile device market increasing, it is important to use the possibilities that are provided by mobile devices.

If you want to advertise with Pay Per Click Internet Marketing Company, you can be sure that the traffic you get is the best that you can get out there. This applies many places all around the globe, so you can plan your campaign on worldwide markets. Highly effective and superior ad units, showing to users with characteristics you choose across specific platforms and devices that can give your product real “brand awareness” aside from a good return of investment.


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